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Positioning & Planning

Steve Sue, author of BizGym, Business Planning & Financial Forecasting Software

For a limited time only, BizGym author Steve Sue is available to help you write your business plan in BizGym. Steve’s goal is to go front-line to see BizGym from the user’s perspective. In the process, a few lucky BizGym users can get guided tours by the author himself.

See Steve’s LinkedIn Profile.

Financial Forecasting

Need to know your bottom line? Steve is also available through this program to guide you through creating a full set of financial projects using BizGym.

How It Works Entrepreneurs Startup & Growth Software logoBizGym Coaching is offered by pre-purchased consulting package. You pay upfront for a package, then schedule sessions using time credits on your account. Sessions feature discussions on your business with the goal of capturing all the key sub-plots to a resonating business story.

Sessions can be remote or in-person. This format allows you to decide session scheduling, session length, topics and how much of the story-crafting you take on yourself.

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